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Monday, 28 September 2015

I Ask Russ Breault, The Million Dollar Question? How Did The 3 D Image Appear On The Shroud of Turin?

Join Me Simon Brown In This Part 2 Skype Interview.


I Ask Russ Breault, The Million Dollar Question? How Did The 3 D Image Appear On The Shroud of Turin?          

Here are the following questions.

Question Simon.
Russ Breault,
Here's the million dollar question? How did the 3 D image appear on the Shroud of Turin?
Many Shroud researchers believe the 3 D image was created by the resurrection of Jesus passing through the cloth. What do you believe?

Question Simon.
Does the VP-8 Image Analyzer, prove the image is a 3 d image?

Question Simon.
Last week you told us there is evidence that the blood on the Shroud came first and then the 3 D image.

Question Simon.
So If the Blood appeared before the 3 D image, then the 3 D image must prove the resurrection of Jesus passing through the cloth.

Simon comment.
Russ, It seems to me, God reveals a great deal of the evidence to prove and confirm His word, but at the same time may or seem to hold back some evidence. As Jesus said He requires and desires us to have some faith, which is the size of a mustard seed.

Simon comment.
No person in history was recorded to have worn a crown of thorns and receive a spear near the heart, except Jesus.
Directly near the heart, is the darkest blood stain of all, which we call the ‘spear wound’ blood stain, that appears on the shroud.
The ‘spear wound’ on the Shroud is in perfect forensic agreement with John 19:34 that says: But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.

Simon comment.
Russ, when I made my Shroud film, I added the red markings directly over each and every bloodstain, on the Shroud image, which is consistent with the 40 lashes, and around 120 scourge marks on the front and back of the body by a three thonged whip.
Experts who have studied the Shroud agree, the Romans always gave 39 to 40 lashes. Again, this is forensically accurate with the gospels.

Comment Simon.
Russ, I find it most interesting is the fact of what looks like a lead ball at the end of each blood stain, when you zoom in on the blood markings.

Simon comment.
People say, there are many Shrouds, yet not understanding there are none discovered that has a face cloth matching the same Shroud, as the Shroud of Turin has. Just as we are told in the Gospels, there were to clothes used on Jesus.

Simon comment.
Have you read the research by the language translator Mark Guscin,  B.A. M.Phil., Expert on the ''SUDARIUM'' OF JESUS, as he talks about the Latin and ancient Greek letters seen on the Shroud of Turin reading the name Nazarene and Tiberius, who was a Roman empara when Jesus was crucified, including words saying ''TO DEATH''.

Simon comment.
After watching Mark Guscin in the, Ancient X Files: The Blood of Christ. Sudarium of Oviedo: on National Geographic, I wrote to him and he told me the film was accurate except the holes in the Sudarium were not caused by the crown of thorns.

Question Simon.
In the beginning we was talking about how the 3 D image could have appeared on the Shroud. Have you read the interesting article by Chuck Missler, called:
A Quantum Hologram of Christ's Resurrection? He explains in his article, "The entire Resurrection process is akin to the Big Bang creation of the universe when something was created from nothing,"

Question Simon.
Now some questions that have be put forward to ask you.
Why do you believe the 1988 carbon dating results may have been skewed?

Question Simon.
Does your faith depend on the authenticity of the Shroud?

Question Simon.
Do you think there should be improvements in the realm of Shroud studies, given that Rome has ignored petitions?

Question Simon.
Last and final question.
Do you think the image on the Shroud is a message for us and, if, yes, what is it?

Wach video here.


Join me again in part 3.

When we will look at the article by Chuck Missler.
 A Quantum Hologram of Christ’s Resurrection?